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Buddy facilitates flow of capital between ordinary individuals who want an easy way to borrow, lend and grow money.



Buddy has a strong focus on financial inclusion. We are about growing the customers financial well-being, by helping the client receive more control of their financial direction and guidance.

Buddy helps ordinary individuals with opportunity to invest and grow their own communities while receiving the kind of financial return previously excluded from by institutional Lenders / Banks.

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Buddy is an Authorized Financial Services Provider and a Licensed Credit Provider

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Use our calculators to work out how much you qualify for, estimate your monthly repayments or see how changes in term, interest rates, missed and early payments affects your current loan.

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Partners And Memberships
Have any questions?
Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to use the Borrow service if you are blacklisted, have a default or judgement against your profile.
No, it does not. Investment is an opportunity that we exclude no member of our society.
YES, you are allowed to use the Lend service even if you are blacklisted.
Only R34 is charged as a monthly subscription fee that grants you access to invest in the Buddy Community and take a loan from the Buddy Community.
You will only be charged loan fees per active loan. Loan fees such as service fee, initiation fee and interest fee (never more than 5% per month)
YES, you can receive a loan if you are not permanently employed. All you need to do is provide proof of your temporal employment contract and be vetted accordingly.
Unfortunately, you can only take out a loan if you can prove employment.
YES, you are allowed to invest and make money on Buddy as a Student over 18 years old.
We only provide loans from R500 – R8000.
YES, you are allowed to take out 2 loans on the system based on your credit limit maximum for example: If my credit limit is R3000, and I only needed R1000 today, I am allowed to take out another R1000 loan even with an active loan.
Yes, you need to prove employment and will be vetted against your credit profile, and your credit profile will determine your credit limit.
YES. As a Buddy Member, you now have a Buddy Profile that allows you to invest in the Buddy Community and take a loan from the Buddy Community. #OneAccount #OneBuddy #OneCommunity
YES, you are allowed to send internal transfers to friends or family members into their Buddy profile to help them get in and invest in the Buddy Community.
Yes, you can now invite your friend to become a Buddy. Buddy Finance will reward your profile with R50 for every Buddy you invite who registers and activates their Buddy Profile.
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